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Perfect Peace Ministries is a conduit to provide you and your loved ones services with the highest levels of courtesy and respect, we graciously render to you that which God has placed in our hands to bring victory in your life.

Visit the Blog. Laughter is like medicine, a dear friend of mine, Li and myself will share some life events and gold nuggets within our insight and revelation from a nest of love through our discourse. Dialogue sprinkled with laughter and passionate in delivery that will bring comfort, camaraderie, spiritual growth and awakening in your daily lives. You will find our dialogue on the blog page which we believe will be an empowerment to you.

Music is a universal language ministering in spirit to the spirit of living beings. Christian Vocalists, Choirs and Psalmists - I am sharing with you lyrics and tunes God has blessed my soul with through the years, over three decades now. You are free to partake and to publish with respect of giving glory to God. We do ask that you will acknowledge this ministry and/or the writer. Prayerfully consider blessing this ministry monetarily as the Lord leads and not of obligation. Thank you. **Also, if you need a song, skit or poem around a particular theme or Word for a wedding, gift, art piece - by the grace of God we would be honored to lend our anointed creativity as wordsmith to minister as the Lord leads.

 Look around our website and if you have any comments, requests or questions, please feel free to contact us. We are not an organization, we are an Organism - the Living Word operating in and through us. That means There Is Much More to Come! Share this website, with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Founded by Mel and Rose Colquitt, Ambassadors of Christ

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