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The Man of God has over 3 decades of experience in marketing and management. Every endeavor he put his hands to do brought profit and success to the organization and to our family. PPM brings balance with natural and spiritual matters by the grace of God, that men shall see your good works and glorify our Father in heaven. Your blessings will overrun you in Jesus name.

Between Friends

This is a Blog between two friends. One is in her 3rd decade of marriage, and the other in her 4th decade. This is an encouragement, enlightenment and edification for the wife, sister, daughter - the woman of God. However, we will garner questions and prayerfully render response. All we ask is that all parties commit to the principle of respect.​ 


Kick it up, Kick it up!!! Bring the SUNDAY SCHOOL experience to a New Level!!! Interactive, Inter-revelatory, God-Speaking Experience. Take these Lessons and EXPERIENCE GOD in and with your Sunday School congregants!!!

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You are number 1!!! Recipes, anecdotes,

quips-qwips, and know-how or how-not can be found in this segment of the site.

This will be another fun spot for you to visit. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Amen!!!  

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