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Bible Days

Good News! We are in Bible days! Hallelujah!!! The Bible is chock full of blessings, promises, and favor that belong and even bestowed upon the Believer. Are you on that path of the Word that lights up for your every step, that path that takes you to the wealth of the wicked, that path journeying in the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow. Don't get it twisted you can be in His perfect will and it could take you into the prison but you will end up in the palace. His will can take you to the dungeon and then to the King's court. Consider Paul as he followed Christ, he was shipwrecked, stoned, beaten, imprisoned and yet, in the Love of Jesus...that is nothing, NO-thing cannot even compare to the glory that shall be revealed. . And guess what, whether you are in the prison, or in the palace - God is worthy of your continual praise and thanksgiving. God will keep you, He will be glorified, and salvation will come to those who want to be rescued.

Praise and thanksgiving are forms of heal the sick, raise the dead, restore that which has changed position or broken, and stomp on the devil's head. Thank God for Bible days...let us hide His Word in our hearts.... and possess the land in Jesus name. Fight the Good fight of Faith. Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood ....and that our weapons are not carnal but they are Mighty -- let's pull down strongholds.

Today we have so many types of Bible, any one with a decent cell phone, can access the Bible. aaahhhhhh The Word is going out to every place of the world... below in the depths of the see and above in the vastness of space - awesome! Thank God for true Bible Days!!! Get it! Get it!

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