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Stop Asking God to Heal You

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters, I can no longer stay silent. When I heard the tragedies of loss, one after the other -- especially, where there was sickness or cancer...with a brother and sister in Christ. Please know, I am not being insensitive. Saints, we want to know that it is the devil, the wicked one that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. Jesus came, was beaten, and crucified for our healing, for our peace, for our love and joy --- all that is Godly. Hallelujah!!! Healing was done around two thousand years ago. We must stop asking God to heal us. Please hear me, He has already Done It!!! That was already settled. Now, after Jesus was crucified, He died...and first He descended. He took the keys of death, hell and the grave. The devil is a thief and a robber -- Jesus nullifed the devil. Hallelujah!!! After Jesus descended, He resurrected on this earth with all power in His hand (all power in heaven and in earth) for His disciples, His followers, His children. Listen, He gave us power over all the power of the enemy. He told us we are More than a Conqueror. He, I am talking about Jesus, told us that we have the Greater One on the inside. Hallelujah! Jesus said, I will give you another Comforter... and when we receive Jesus, we get Him and the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! We are seated with Jesus and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus took His seat at the right hand of our loving Father, He told us to preach the gospel of the kingdom... He told us to HEAL THE SICK, to RAISE THE DEAD, and to HEAL THE LEPER (everything that looks like death-done-sickness/disease). He told us to CAST OUT DEVILS! Stop

My God, help me Jesus to shout it from the rooftops. Saints...the violent takes it by force. The devil will attack your thoughts, put mess before your eyes, in your nostrils, in your ears --- stop the madness. (Sometimes, you want to do like Joseph - get away from there.) Either situation -- Rise up --- Submit to God (say, It is Written...) Hallelujah!!!! The Word is sharper than any two-edged sword -- it is the Sword of the Spirit!!! When sickness or whatever the devil brings -- take up that Sword and put it on the devil. Submit to God, resist the devil and the devil will flee. My God, my God, our God --- let us use the Power and Authority Jesus gave us. Hallelujah!!! This is 2020...Clarity of Vision... see the finished work of God and call those things that be not as though they were!!! The devil is a weasel, the devil will try to trick you and work on that you do not know -and, many times we know what to do and choose not to do what we know. The devil will put it on you. We have the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, the Word which is Jesus --- USE IT!!! My God, My God, our God... Hallelujah!!! Listen...if the devil act like he don't want to leave...get violent -- the violent takes it by force. Our weapons are Mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Hallelujah! Another weapon is HELP SOMEBODY!!! BE A BLESSING!!! Hallelujah! And stomp on the devil's head.

Praise the Lord... PRAISE, a Mighty Weapon -- USE IT!!! Give God Praise, Give Him Thanksgiving...that is Powerful!!! Hallelujah!!! Another Powerful Weapon of Prayer -- is Proclamation, decree a thing and Dance or Stomp on the devil's head, in Jesus name.

Listen, I have been a child of the Most High God over 30 years now!!! I have been tried by the devil -- over and over and over again. In the past, I did not win every battle - Hallelujah!!! That did not negate the Truth -- that I am More than a Conqueror! I got up dancing and shouting -- I am Still here in Jesus name. I still have Life and Life more abundantly. I am still Loved by our Father. I am still the apple of His eye. I am still a royal priesthood, a holy nation and chosend generation... Hallelujah!!! You get the Word, and get it on the inside - speak it, preach it, sing it and pray it in your heart, out loud over your being and into a situation.

Remember, one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand. Put that devil on Blast...get the Saints to touch and agree with the will of God... it is His will that none should perish. It is His will, spoken through the apostle John, I would that you will prosper and BE IN HEALTH even as your soul prospers. Our Father is so loving and faithful, He watches over His Word to perform it. I am not being insensitive... but crying, boo-hooing, will not bring you victory. Listen, when the servant asked the women, how are you, how is your son (the woman's son was dead). That woman did not confess that...She said, IT IS WELL! Saints, let us learn from His Word! Hallelujah!

Stop asking God to heal you. Take your healing, your health - in Jesus name. Healing is already yours!!! It came with the Salvation package. Hallelujah!!! Let us see, hear, and do the Word of God in Jesus name. Hallelujah!!! That makes God happy, for we walk by faith and not by sight!!! We want to walk like our heavenly Father... we are Heirs and Joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. We have the mind of Christ! Hallelujah!!! I feel like running right now. I am stomping my feet... join with me stomp your feet, let the devil know - GREATER IS HE who is in ME!!! Hallelujah!!!

Listen, I am saying it --- one more, again --- STOP ASKING GOD TO Heal you. He loves you so much and will not hold any good thing from you. When Jesus said, "It is finished." Hallelujah! It was finished.

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