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Your 2020

Seeing 2020, writing 2020, hearing 2020 (twenty-twenty) - bring me happy thoughts! When I think 2020 I get excited! There were two declarations about 2020 and I resonated with both of them. One proclamation was made by the Man of God, Pastor Chris..."the year of Perfection!" Hallelujah! That resonated with my spirit for the Word of God tells us, we are perfect in Jesus Christ. And, we are commanded to "be perfect as" our Father is perfect!!! Hallelujah! That is awesome, awesome good news! Amen. For we are Living in a Time ...wait before I say that I want to mention the other proclamation. Here in Hawaii, at the New Year's Celebration, the Man of God, Bishop Henderson declared 2020 is the year of Vision - Clarity of Vision! Hallelujah! That so beautifully fits - Perfection and Clarity of Vision... Hallelujah! What tremendous and marvelous works our Father and God is -- right now, today -- working through and in the Body of Christ. The Bride is receiving beauty baths, her hair being adorned, her nails being trimmed and polished and soon she to get dressed to receive the Bridegroom. Hallelujah!

Okay, back to that thought -for we are Living in a Time... to mention a few maladies: the coronavirus, mass murders, relational fatalities, unbridled perversions -- Holy, holy God. Listen Saints, we walk by faith and not by sight, we are the ambassadors of Christ -- forget our opinions, speak "It is written..." Rise up, stand on God's Word, prophesy - speak life, preach, teach, heal and serve -- whatever God has put your hands to do. Change the atmosphere, possess the land in the name of Jesus. Study to show ourselves approved - and rightly divide the Word of Truth. That takes giving God some Face Time!!! Face Time with the Master of all creation.... Lord, You are all loving, all wise and all merciful God! Saints, get to praying without ceasing - in Jesus name. The part of the world God has placed you and us in--- Be perfect, write down the Vision...and let's run with it in Jesus name. Has God given you a Vision for your home, your neighborhood, your community? I am sure He has. Stop with the "I can'ts," in Jesus name. We can do all things through Christ --- the anointing is the power you need to get it done for the kingdom of God. Amen. The Lord has given us everything we need that pertains to Life and Godliness. Hallelujah! Bless His name!

Yes, praise Him... that's a part of it. Our God is so loving and so kind, Praise Him. Hallelujah!!! I am still talking about 2020! Hallelujah! Desire the gifts of the spirit... those called in the "5-fold," walk worthy of your calling. Stop acting like the devil, watching devil shows and listening to devil music...that mess feeds the flesh. Guard your eye gates, your ear gates, your smelling, your mouth gates... take control of your thoughts in Jesus name. Let us pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks and bless the Lord at all times. This is the year of Perfection, the year of Clarity of Vision. Let us walk circumspectly, ever-mindful of God's love, mercy and grace and extend it to those dying men, women, boys and girls who do not know and have not received Jesus. Jesus has pardoned the sins of the world. Remember, there is a broadway to destruction -- a fiery pit -- of which, there is no return. Let's warn them, stop them, compel them to come in the ark of safety, in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Feed your spirit-man and be about our Father's business, in Jesus name.

Yes, blessings on the overflow in 2020. Enjoy the blessings... and save the souls in Jesus name. Do not abandon the babies... make disciples of Jesus Christ... that we all grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and operate/live as the Sons of God. Hallelujah!!! I can see clearly now! Both naturally and physically... I stood on the Word of the Lord and received 20/20 vision in my eyes and even had 20/15 - more keen eyesight, since and around 30 years ago. Hallelujah!!! Let's stand on God's Word in 2020...Living out Perfection and Clarity of Vision in Jesus name. Amen.

**I feel led to give you an opportunity to give as the Lord leads you. We do not charge for the content, what God freely gives to us, we freely give to you. Also, if there is a topic you want to hear more on... let us know at: or, you can post on this website. Blessings!

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